Tuesday, July 26, 2022

[Test-Announce] Automated reports redirected into a new mailing list: test-reports

Hello testers and developers,

please note that we've set up a new mailing list called test-reports [1] and we've redirected all automated compose/updates/test/etc reports into it. These reports were previously sent to the test list and devel list and created a lot of visual noise among regular conversations (especially in the test list). You can see test-reports archives [1] to see which emails I'm talking about. The only exception is the main rawhide compose report, which still goes to the devel list (as well as test-reports), because it was deemed useful enough to be kept there.

If you're interested in receiving these reports, please subscribe to the new list. The default reply is set to go to the test list, where we can have conversations about any suspicious changes/outcomes, but you can of course start your discussion in the devel list, if you prefer.

Fedora QA

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