Friday, August 5, 2022

[389-users] Re: in docker-compose.yaml use "dsconf localhost***" error

On 8/4/22 4:54 AM, Hu, Xudong wrote:


   I want to ask a question with using 389ds/dirsrv 389 Directory Server Container in dockerhub

When I create 389ds database ,I use dsconf localhost backend create *** command,it is OK


Now , I want to use docker-compose.yaml to start container,I set parameter like this :

command: /bin/bash -c "sleep 20 && dsconf localhost backend create ****",but the error is as follows:

Error: Could not find configuration for instance: localhost

Thank you for reply

the usage is:

# dsconf "instance name" arg options

So your instance is probably not named "localhost".  Check /etc/dirsrv/ and use whatever name you have chosen for your instance:  "slapd-<YOUR_INSTANCE_NAME>"

# dsconf slapd-YOUR_INSTANCE backend create ...



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