Wednesday, August 17, 2022

[fedora-arm] Re: Failures booting on Pi4

On Wed, Aug 17, 2022 at 4:54 PM Steven A. Falco <> wrote:
> On 8/17/22 09:08 AM, Peter Robinson wrote:
> > Hi Steve,
> ... snip ...
> > I mentioned the HW rev above, the hex value tells me it's Rev 1.5 of
> > the 2gb 4B. Since rev 1.4 they've been able to run at 1.8ghz like the
> > RPi400 instead of the 1.5ghz of the older revs, but this came with
> > some minor design changes, this in turn has caused issues in
> > particular around the MMC stability, the device works using "firmware
> > DT" but not the vanilla upstream kernel DT.
> >
> > I think we now have a fix headed upstream into U-Boot that should
> > allow this to work, you can grab the latest U-Boot builds from koji
> > and update them or it should be fixed in the next rawhide or F-37
> > generated images (probably tomorrow).
> Thanks for the reply. I'm no longer seeing the problem in my current config. I'm using a USB-connected SSD at this point, and the U-Boot phase is now solid.
> However, I'm seeing a number of different faults with the 5.20 and 6.0 kernels.
> I tried the vmlinuz-5.20.0-0.rc0.20220812git7ebfc85e2cd7.10 kernel, and it throws a lot of vc4_hdmi_write and vc4_hdmi_read errors, as shown in the attached kernel-5.20_kernel_DT.log (starts around line 880). This log is with the in-kernel DT.
> I then tried using the FW DT (please see kernel-5.20_FW_DT.log around line 877) but it gets the same errors.
> The overall boot process with the 5.20 kernel takes around 100 seconds to get to a login prompt.
> I then tried dropping back to the vmlinuz-5.19.0-65 kernel. I don't see the errors, and I get a boot prompt in under 30 seconds. Log file is kernel-5.19_kernel_DT.log.
> I then tried the 6.0 kernel, again with the kernel DT and the FW DT. In log kernel_6.0_kernel_DT.log at line 342, we have a kernel Oops. In log kernel_6.0_FW_DT.log at line 324 I get "rcu_preempt detected stalls".
> I'll stay with the 5.19 kernel for now.

I've not looked at any of the text files, they're probably not useful
TBH, and also off topic for this thread.

The 5.20 builds were pre- 6.0rc1 so always a rollercoaster, unless
you're doing specific development or wanting to test a specific
feature in the kernel it's best to stick to the RC or GA builds as a
standard user. The random intersecting builds have a LOT of extra
debug enabled so are both a LOT slower but also may provide a lot of
extra debug info.

Also note F-37 has now branched off rawhide, which is on the road now
to F-38 so you may wish to distro-sync to F-37.
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