Friday, November 18, 2022

[389-users] Builds for EL8 have a new home


epel-modular repository for EL8 was discontinued:
On February 15, 2023 EPEL 8 modules will be archived and removed:
See the forwarded email below for more details.

This means we can no longer provide new upstream builds of 389-ds-base through the EPEL repository.
Good news is that our copr repositories now have builds for EL8:

And if you have an existing installation using 389-directory-server module from EPEL, you can switch to our copr repositories and reset the old module:

# dnf copr enable @389ds/389-directory-server
# dnf update 389-ds-base cockpit-389-ds
# dnf module reset 389-directory-server

In case of any issues, please let us know or open an issue at


---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Troy Dawson <>
Date: Thu, Sep 29, 2022 at 12:10 AM
Subject: [CentOS-devel] EPEL 8 Modules get the axe on Halloween 2022
To: The CentOS developers mailing list. <>

When EPEL-8 was launched, it came with some support for modules with the hope that a module ecosystem could be built from Fedora packages using RHEL modules as an underlying tool. This has never happened and we have ended up with a muddle of modular packages which will 'build' but may not install or even run on an EL-8 system. Attempts to fix this and work within how EPEL is normally built have been tried for several years by different people but have not worked.

At this point we are saying that this experiment with modules in EPEL has not worked and we will focus our resources on what does work.

Schedule of EPEL 8 Module Retirement:
Next Week:
- epel-release will be updated.
-- epel-modular will set enabled = 0
-- epel-modular full name will have "Deprecated" in it

October 31 2022:
- The EPEL 8 modules will be archived and removed.
-- The mirror manager will be pointed to the archive.
- Packagers will no longer be able to build EPEL 8 modules.

After October 31st (Actual date to be determined):
- epel-release will be updated again.
-- epel-modular repo configs will be removed.

Questions and Answers:

Question: Will I still be able to access the modules after October 31st?
Answer: It is not recommended, because the modules will not get any
security or bug fixes, but yes.  They will be in the Fedora archives,
and the mirror managers will point at them.

Question: What will you be dressed as on Halloween?
Answer (Troy): A Penguin

EPEL Steering Committee

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CentOS-devel mailing list

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