Wednesday, November 16, 2022

FOSDEM 2023 Distributions Devroom - Call for Participation

# FOSDEM 2023 Distributions Devroom - Call for Participation

We're excited to announce that the Distributions Devroom is returning to FOSDEM 2023, in-person in Brussels for the full day on Sunday, February 5. The call for proposals is now open.

## About the Distributions Devroom

The Distributions Devroom is run by and for the people who build, package, and contribute to distributions of Linux and other software. Distributions remain a critical part of modern IT infrastructure, whether running on bare metal or in containers, from supercomputers to edge deployments. The Distributions Devroom provides a forum to share best practices on the entire distribution lifecycle, from building and integration to long-term support and security fixes.

## Call for Proposals

We welcome submissions targeted at contributors interested in issues unique to distributions, especially in the following topics:

* Growing, participating, and working with communities around distributions
* Automating building and testing to minimize human involvement
* Cross-distribution collaboration on common issues
* Distribution construction, installation, deployment, packaging, and content management
* Balancing new code and active upstreams versus security updates and minimization of breaking changes
* Delivering architecture-independent software
* Working with vendors and including them in the community
* The future of distributions and emerging trends
* Non-engineering topics inside of distribution communities (e.g. documentation, marketing, internationalization, design, community operations, etc.)
* Creating a secure supply chain by evaluating upstream components and providing a secure source for downstreams

## Important Dates

* Submission Deadline: Dec 20th 2022
* Acceptance notifications: Dec 31th 2022
* Final schedule announcement: Jan 14th 2022

## Process

1. Register a FOSDEM Pentabarf account[1] and sign in.
2. Visit the FOSDEM CFP[2] and click "Create Event".
3. Make sure "Track" is set to "Distributions devroom" for wranglers to receive your submission!
4. Complete the form with your presentation details.

Make sure your submission has the following details:

* Title
* One-paragraph abstract
* Longer description including the benefit of your talk to your target audience, including a definition of your target audience.
* Approximate length / type of submission (talk, BoF, …)
* Links to related websites/blogs/talk material (if any)

## About FOSDEM

FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate. Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world gather at the event in Brussels. FOSDEM hosts dozens of developer rooms, where community members run tracks on various topics.

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