Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Re: Fedora XFCE Spin Improvements

Just my thoughts... would love to hear from more folks on these...

On Sun, Nov 20, 2022 at 10:05:23PM +0000, exDragon945 wrote:
> Description of problem:
> Default interface needs to be more usable. The following improvements should be made.
> 1) Change the default menu from Application Menu to the Whisker Menu with name showing. Whisker Menu Icon only is to small to click on.

We do ship whisker menu, I don't know that I think it should replace the
default or not tho. Size might be due to hidpi? what sort of monitor do
you have?

> 2) Set Whisper menu to open by default on Windows Key. Most people are use to that.

Thats also the key for xfdashboard.

> 3) Fedora logo for the Whisker menu would probably look nice as a default

That runs into problems... remixes or the like would have to change it,
but it wouldn't be obvious or easy to change.

> 4) Screen casting needs to be built in. Perhaps an implementation that can go on the XFCE4 menu as an icon that can be pressed to open a menu option. I am not aware of any casting solution in Linux that works on Fedora.

gnome-network-displays works fine in gnome, but I am pretty sure it
doesn't work in Xfce. It needs wayland and pipewire.
> 5) There needs to be a way to handle programs freezing up that doesn't lock up the interface. Right now, a program ran in Wine that freezes up will lock up the computer so you can't do anything. Alt+Tab does not work. Alt+Tab needs to work in no matter what program freezes up.

Thats... really beyond what Xfce can do I think. That depends on much
deeper layers.

> 6) Open Directory buttons in browsers need to actually open a directory and not open some search tool.

Not sure what you mean on this one, can you elaborate?

> 7) Folders need to have a built in File search by default. The light weightness of XFCE needs to be maintained in this new file explorer.

We have catfish... does that do what you want here?

> 8) Consider having default tools installed so people more unfamiliar with Linux have some default they can use and learn things on. For example, have Gimp and Kdenlive installed by default. I don't know if those are the best defaults but that is an idea.

The problem is, if we add more things to the default install, the larger
it gets and the more it has things that many people don't want or use.

gnome-software works fine in Xfce, so you can easily use that to install
applications after the initial install.
> 9) It needs to come with an software manager that can handle the installation and updates of FlatPaks.

gnome-software does so.

> 10) DNFDragora should not have the default category label width so far apart that you can't see the fact that there are more then two categories describing a piece of software.

Sounds like a dnfdragora bug/request.

> 11) Transferring files should not lock up the interface.

It shouldn't do that.


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