Thursday, December 1, 2022

[fedora-arm] Re: Raspberry Pi 4b + F-37

Hi Randy,

> Nothing short of amazing work. Kudos+ to the devs and all that made
> this work. I've been a UNIX/Linux C/C++ developer (professionally) for
> 23 years now; I recognize excellence when I see it. My Pi-4 never ran
> this good. Clocked to 2100 MHz it runs triple duty as an internal
> web/media server, secondary name server and primary caching proxy via
> Apache Traffic Server at speeds I wouldn't have expected from such a
> modest device.
> Again, Kudos (hats off, bow down) to the developers that made this happen!

Thanks for the feedback, it was a nice start to the day. We of course
still have a way to go but I felt it's got to a great space!

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