Monday, December 19, 2022

Re: BG Locale

Bogomil "Bogo" Shopov (Fedora Project) píše v Po 19. 12.
2022 v 12:03 +0100:
> Good morning,
> I used to translate a lot in the past, and now I want to
> do the same. How can I locate my Bulgarian peers to see
> where help is needed? The mailing list is dead, and
> everyone seems inactive.
> I am still listed as a sponsor for the locale, is this
> still a thing, and what can I do with this?
Hi, Bogo.
I have tried to answer these above two questions in[1].

> Also, is there a priority for the properties to be
> translated? I could start with something, but a priority
> list would be great.
No, I don't think we employ a priority list, as we used to
do. Just select a project in weblate and translate.
I'd suggest to look at the Docs site, as there has been a
recent rework of it concerning the Fedora editions.

> Also, many pages need to be updated for the L10n/ I18n and
> G11n. Can I help review them and make sure they are up-to-
> date?
Of course, you're welcome.
Keep in mind there is a move from keeping information in
wiki towards a Docs[2] site. It uses its documentation
system based on Antora and asciidoc file format. On the
other hand, the Docs team has recently been putting a lot of
effort to allow small (trivial, one-off) contributions just
I am also in a process of working on the Fedora L10N Team
pages. We could stay in touch and help each other if you


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