Monday, December 12, 2022

Re: Fedora XFCE Spin Improvements

On Wed, Nov 23, 2022 at 3:14 PM Kevin Fenzi <> wrote:
> Just my thoughts... would love to hear from more folks on these...
> On Sun, Nov 20, 2022 at 10:05:23PM +0000, exDragon945 wrote:
> > Description of problem:
> >
> > Default interface needs to be more usable. The following improvements should be made.
> >
> > 1) Change the default menu from Application Menu to the Whisker Menu with name showing. Whisker Menu Icon only is to small to click on.
> We do ship whisker menu, I don't know that I think it should replace the
> default or not tho. Size might be due to hidpi? what sort of monitor do
> you have?
> > 2) Set Whisper menu to open by default on Windows Key. Most people are use to that.
> Thats also the key for xfdashboard.
> > 3) Fedora logo for the Whisker menu would probably look nice as a default
> That runs into problems... remixes or the like would have to change it,
> but it wouldn't be obvious or easy to change.

It's not actually a problem, since the filename stays the same while
the image changes. This is how it's handled for other variants too.

When rebranding for a derivative spin/remix, the file's contents
changes to whatever the logo will be.

> > 4) Screen casting needs to be built in. Perhaps an implementation that can go on the XFCE4 menu as an icon that can be pressed to open a menu option. I am not aware of any casting solution in Linux that works on Fedora.
> gnome-network-displays works fine in gnome, but I am pretty sure it
> doesn't work in Xfce. It needs wayland and pipewire.

Yeah, though I believe there's a wlroots-based Xfce compositor in the

It might be worth reaching out to folks upstream to find out what the
progress on this is.

> >
> > 5) There needs to be a way to handle programs freezing up that doesn't lock up the interface. Right now, a program ran in Wine that freezes up will lock up the computer so you can't do anything. Alt+Tab does not work. Alt+Tab needs to work in no matter what program freezes up.
> Thats... really beyond what Xfce can do I think. That depends on much
> deeper layers.

This requires systemd-based user sessions like what KDE Plasma and
GNOME do. It's certainly a question for upstream Xfce whether they'll
get support for it anytime soon.

> > 6) Open Directory buttons in browsers need to actually open a directory and not open some search tool.
> Not sure what you mean on this one, can you elaborate?

I think this is about how it doesn't open Thunar when you tell it to
open a file in the file manager from Chrome/Firefox.

> > 7) Folders need to have a built in File search by default. The light weightness of XFCE needs to be maintained in this new file explorer.
> We have catfish... does that do what you want here?
> > 8) Consider having default tools installed so people more unfamiliar with Linux have some default they can use and learn things on. For example, have Gimp and Kdenlive installed by default. I don't know if those are the best defaults but that is an idea.
> The problem is, if we add more things to the default install, the larger
> it gets and the more it has things that many people don't want or use.
> gnome-software works fine in Xfce, so you can easily use that to install
> applications after the initial install.
> >
> > 9) It needs to come with an software manager that can handle the installation and updates of FlatPaks.
> gnome-software does so.
> > 10) DNFDragora should not have the default category label width so far apart that you can't see the fact that there are more then two categories describing a piece of software.
> Sounds like a dnfdragora bug/request.
> >
> > 11) Transferring files should not lock up the interface.
> It shouldn't do that.
> kevin
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