Friday, February 10, 2023

[389-users] Re: 389-DS Cockpit


On Fri, Feb 10, 2023 at 2:47 PM Rosario Esposito <> wrote:

I read from
"cockpit-389-ds is not distributed in AppStream."

I just downloaded the current 389-ds-base source rpm from Appstream:

Inside the src rpm there's a 389-ds-base.spec containing the following line:
%global use_cockpit 0

If I just modify it to:
%global use_cockpit 1

...and rebuild the source rpm, then I get the rpm: cockpit-389-ds-2.1.3-4.el9.noarch.rpm

Is that safe to use ? 
What is the reason for cockpit-389-ds not being directly distributed in Appstream repo ?
In RHEL 389-ds-base is intended to be used as part of Identity Management (IPA) only. Standalone installations of 389-ds-base on RHEL are unsupported by Red Hat. The supported option is to use a layered product - Red Hat Directory Server, that comes with cockpit-389-ds. It's not included in the RHEL subscription and should be purchased separately.
Since you're using Rocky, these support limitations should not be a concern for you. cockpit-389-ds from a rebuilt srpm from AppStream should work just fine. But the version from RHDS is more tested and usually contains additional fixes (which are available upstream, of course). 

I'm asking this because I'd like to install the same version of 389-ds currently used by RHDS12 (2.1.3) on a Rocky Linux 9 machine.
If I switch to "copr" repository then I get 389-ds version 2.2.x which seems to be too new.
2.2.x is well tested in Fedora and will be shipped in the upcoming RHEL 9.2 / RHDS 12.2.
If you really want to have cockpit-389-ds for the same version of 389-ds-base as in the latest Rocky Linux, then srpm rebuild is the way.

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