Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Re: Updating gprbuild

Jonathan Steffan wrote:
> Hello,
> An IRC user in #fedora on Libera was asking why gprbuild was out of date
> and I attempted updating. Worked through the spec in a rawhide mock build
> and contributed an update to this bugzilla.
> Please let me know what I missed and if I could help more. I am not
> familiar with this software and don't know if disabling these patches is
> the right thing to do. There is more cleanup that is needed in the spec and
> I tried to keep everything commented out that was changed.
> Thanks for any guidance,

Hello Jonathan and Kristoffer!

Why GPRbuild is outdated? In my case I have many things to do, so it's
sometimes difficult to find time for packaging. I haven't seen much
activity from Pavel lately. I guess he's also busy. And updating
Adacore's software takes significant effort. They tend to change things
around so much that it's almost like making a package from scratch each
time. We clearly need more co-maintainers.

Thanks for the patch, but it's not acceptable in its current state. I'm
pretty sure removing the GPR files is wrong at least. Just dropping the
documentation also seems wrong.

Dennis van Raaij also wants Ada packages updated, and I've been working
on and off to review and merge his changes. You can see the current
state of his work here:

Dennis makes many changes, which take time for me to review, but some
progress has been made: There is now a gprconfig-kb package ready for
the gprbuild package to require, and we got Florist updated.

My Ada work in January mostly went into getting licenses registered with
SPDX so we can switch the license tags to SPDX syntax.

On the upside, I'm finding out that there actually are people who care
about Ada in Fedora, which is encouraging. Apparently the way to find
out whether one has any users is to neglect the maintenance and see if
anyone complains. ;-)

Björn Persson

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