Tuesday, March 7, 2023

[389-users] Re: 2.x query performance problem

Hi Claas,

I do not recall a specific change 1.4.4 vs 2.0 that could explain this.

Do you confirm that 'uniqueMember' is indexed in equality on both ? What are the SRCH records in the access logs (notes=A ?).
On 2.0, it lasts 2sec, you may try to capture few pstacks that would give some tips.


On 3/7/23 14:54, Claas Vieler wrote:
we have a search performance problem when we migrated from to 2.0.17.
Our environment has about 100k entries, about 15k users and about 10k groups. Also big groups with thousand of users, also users with thousand of group membership. So I would call it a small instance
On 1.4.x query perfomance ist fine:
ldapsearch for "(uniqueMember=cn=sampleuser,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com) dn " via LDAPI on 1.4.x takes approx 0,01-0,03 sec.
This user is member of approx. 500 groups.
I tested two migration methods:
1. via replication
After initializing replica, the same query takes about _8_ sec.
So I reindexed db (dsctl .. db2index) and get durations for the query from 2-3 sec.
2. via ldif export/import
after importing, the same query takes about 2-3 sec
But even with 2-3 sec, we talk about 2.x perfomance ten time slower than 1.4.x.
Is this a know issue? I compared all cache-settings and found no differences.
I have no more ideas how to optimize this. Should we wait for 2.x when its adopted to new lmdb?

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