Monday, March 13, 2023

[389-users] Re: Replication agreements creation order

> Hi Theirry, if I only initialize ds-2 and ds-3 with ds-01 I have 1 Supplier and two Consumer. But if I want 3 Supplier in MMR,
> isn't it necessary to create the remaing agreements (ds-02->ds-01, ds-03->ds-01 ,ds-02->ds-03 and ds-03->ds-02)?

Yes but you don't need full re-inits.

You do:

ds1 -> ds2 (full init)
ds1 -> ds3 (full init)
ds2 -> ds1 (agmt only)
ds3 -> ds1 (agmt only)

ds2 -> ds3 (agmt only)
ds3 -> ds2 (agmt only)

This will give you a "full mesh" and correct csn/data generations.


William Brown

Senior Software Engineer,
Identity and Access Management
SUSE Labs, Australia
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