Wednesday, March 29, 2023

[fedora-arm] Re: Pine64 RockPro doesn't boot with F38 Beta 1 nor branched 20230326 nightly composed

> Am 28.03.2023 um 14:09 schrieb Peter Robinson <>:
> Yes, it's a known problem, it will be fixed with the U-Boot rc5 build
> which should be done later today.

thanks for the info. I just checked, today's built 20230329 is rc4. looking forward.

Just another question: How do I get the Fedora spi image onto the device? As I found on the internet, the description at for the Pinebook doesn't work for the RockPro64. And indeed, it still does not. In another thread was noted that you are about to update the documentation to describe the process for RockPro64. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it in my internet researches.


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