Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Re: New fedoraproject.org

Why so? The reason to publish partially translated content is not for user confort but for contributor.

Here, with that threshold, we have a human to validate publication.

When you are starting free software translation and you successfully passed the many walls to be able to contribute fedora translation, you have new walls to understand who to reach to have it published.
Good luck to the contributor to understand where to do the request on Pagure, gitlab, bugz, or whatever tool we'll be using.

I am against that manual behavior as it adds a new single point of failure.
And there is nothing against Darknao who does a tremendous work.
Because contributors appears and disappear every days.

Corect behavior is 100% automation, and if you want a threshold, it should be automated too, or we should not require it.

Le 21 mars 2023 17:35:20 GMT+01:00, "Bogomil "Bogo" Shopov (Fedora Project)" <bogomil@fedoraproject.org> a écrit :
>Thanks. I just don't want to see half translated page out there.
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