Sunday, April 16, 2023

[389-users] Re: ACME certificate and NSS databases


Here we are attaching an image of PAN filed object class.


Shilgin Jose
Identity&Access Admin

>>> Rob Crittenden <> 04/14/23 10:38 PM >>>
novell support wrote:
> Hi ,
> Anyone please suggest
> I have recentlly migrated edirectory to 389 directory server everything
> is working fine.
> But while creating new user from customer side the user creation is
> working only by giving a value in attribute pan if not giving value in
> attribute pan it will not create.
> So please suggest how to make the pan attribute non mandatory

IMHO you should create a new thread rather than re-using an old one.

I don't know what this pan attribute is or what objectclass it comes
from. Arbitrarily making schema changes is generally not a good idea.

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