Friday, May 12, 2023

[fedora-arm] Re: Fedora for Tegra / jetson nano : how good is it ?

The Nvidia Jetson Nano. was announced as a development system in mid-March 2019. Only 4 years have passed. Not 8. I'm an end user,that's how I count. I may agree that,generally speaking, 4 years are enough,but this is not always true. The Jetson nano is today a good product in relation to cost / benefit ratio for a lot of users that don't need to buy the new Jetson Orin. What I care about (and not only for me) is to enable the graphic stack with some decent new linux distro. Nvidia supports only Ubuntu 18,that's the end of life. I've been criticized in the ubuntu forums for asking for help solving some technical problems with ubuntu 18. The developers tried hard to convince me that they weren't called to help me with a distro that went EOL. I insisted that I had to, because nVidia only supports 18.04. So they told me that they have no relationship with nVidia and they don't give a damn. This kind of treatment of the end user who has made money and loves an operating system is unacceptable. I have upgraded Ubuntu 18.04 to 22.04 on the Jetson nano. Everything works ok,but not the graphic stack because I'm not able to install CUDA 11. The nVidia developers say that only Orin supports it. So,should I spend more money to buy Orin ? I don't think so. Because I think that CUDA 11 is not supported on the Nano not 'cause insurmountable technical problems,but because of the business plans of nvidia. Business plans that aren't compatible with my finances. With the finances of a lot of end / hobbyist users.

On Fri, May 12, 2023 at 2:13 PM Peter Robinson <> wrote:
Hi Mario,

> I dont hide my interest in the installation of fedora on the Jetson nano. I would like to understand what works and what not. Can I have a more modern OS than Ubuntu 18.04 ? help me to understand.

The upstream support for nano is OK outside of the graphics stack.
NVIDIA is now more focused on newer generations of the hardware, being
Xavier and Orin primarily, They have effectively end of lifed pretty
much anything prior to that, the TX1 SoC which the nano is based upon
was released in 2015 so 8 years support isn't too bad IMO compared to
a lot of other vendors.

They are still upstreaming pieces of the tegra HW drivers for the t210
series where it makes sense with their work on the newer HW as a lot
of the IP blocks are related.

In terms of their userspace based on releases of Ubuntu that's pretty
out of scope from a Fedora perspective. You may be able to look at the
newer NVIDIA Jetpack 5.x releases which are designed to run on
Xavier/Orin as they're based on a 5.10 kernel and a newer L4T
userspace but I have no idea what version of Ubuntu that is, this is
the wrong forum for those questions, I'm not sure if they've actively
torn out < Xavier support there or just defocused it.



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