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Re: Tip: xfce4-notifyd not rearranging annoyance workaround

On 6/20/23 09:35, ToddAndMargo via users wrote:
> *Tip: xfce4-notifyd not rearranging annoyance workaround:*
> Fedora 37
> libnotify-0.8.2-1.fc37.x86_64
> xfce4-notifyd-0.6.4-1.fc37.x86_64
> osmo-0.4.4-2.fc37.x86_64
> *Background*:  when a popup is issued to libnotify,
> xfce4-notifyd intercepts it.  xfce4-notifyd changes
> the yellow and blue background to white and alters
> the font size somewhat.  There may be some transparency
> too, but I am not sure.
> Problem: as of Fedora 33 (and whatever Xfce is
> supported) xfce4-notifyd will no longer re-arrange
> popups went you cancel one ("remind me later",
> "done", etc.).  When a lot of popups occur,
> xfce4-notifyd will thereby leave popups right in
> the middle of your screen or at the bottom right.
> In other word, right where they were to start with.
> So you are left with having to write down the popup
> on a piece of paper or suffering with the popup in
> the middle of your screen.  Prior behavior would be
> to mouse over the remaining pops and they would
> auto arrange under right the upper right of your
> screen.
> This behavior is especially annoying when you are
> using Osmo (a wonderful personal information manager)
> This unwanted behavior was reported on issue 154
> and currently has a "won't fix" status.
> *Workaround:*
> Kill xfce4-notifyd and let libnotify handle the
> pops directly.
>      $ kill -9 $( ps ax | grep -i [x]fce4-notifyd | awk '{print $1'} )
> Or you can just remove xfce4-notifyd completely:
>     $ su root -c "dnf remove xfce4-notifyd"
> This restores the previous behavior (happy camping
> returns).
> *screenshots*
> Here is a example of the previous libnotify behavior
> with xfce4-notifyd killed :
> Five popups arranged in the upper right:
> Center three pops cancelled:
> Hope this helps someone else,
> -T

Hi All,

A booboo in my first post:

is a duplicate of

The maintainer closed issue 54 as leaving pops
where they occurred and not auto arranging them
is part of xfce4-notifyd's design spec..

So now you have a choice. If when multiple pops
occur -- some right in the middle of your
work -- and you do not mind having them not
auto arrange out of the way, you can stick
with xfce4-notifyd. xfce4-notifyd's popups
are prettier too.

I have been running without xfce4-notifyd for
a few days now and am delighted to have
libnotify's auto arrange feature back.

I have also noticed that a popup I have been
firing off for about five years now at log
on and forgot about suddenly showed up.

I reported the issue over on

but the maintainer closed it because it was no
longer affecting me. (I reported it to help
others still running xfce4-notifyd. I am not
the only one running Xfce after all.)

The call to libnotify in question was:

notify-send -t 0 -u normal -i "${DrivePic}" "Boot Drive" "${BootDrive}"

Let me know if anyone wants the entire script (it is
also posted over on issue 106).

You got to love Xfce!


Be nice if we could amend xfce4-notifyd's spec.
to accommodate auto arrange.

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