Monday, July 17, 2023

[389-users] Replication problems with memberof plugin enabled

Hello Team,
we have a multi-master 389-DS enviroment with several suppliers and consumers, version 389-ds-base- Lately we are having problems with replications to the supplier that has enabled the memberof plugin, in order to replicate the group attribute to the users group attribute, in our case, uniqueMember to isMemberof.

The issue that we are having is that sometimes we see replication errors in the others suppliers with the disabled memberof plugin when they try to start replication operation to the enabled memberof plugin supplier, all of those errors are realted with timouts in the replication operation to that supplier with member of plugin enabled (acting as consumer on this case).

Error (-5) Unable to receive the response for a startReplication extended operation to consumer. Will retry later. - LDAP error: Timed out (connection error)
ERR - NSMMReplicationPlugin - repl5_inc_waitfor_async_results - Timed out waiting for responses: 147 180
ERR - NSMMReplicationPlugin - release_replica - agmt="cn=supplier1" (supplier1:636): Attempting to release replica, but unable to receive endReplication extended operation response from the replica. Error -5 (Timed out)
ERR - NSMMReplicationPlugin - perform_operation - agmt="cn=supplier1" (supplier1:636) - Connection is not available (10)
WARN - NSMMReplicationPlugin - send_updates - agmt="cn=supplier1" (supplier1:636): Timed out sending update operation to consumer (uniqueid xxxx, CSN xxx): Timed out.

It can delay this operation for several hours until the replica ends:

INFO - NSMMReplicationPlugin - bind_and_check_pwp - agmt="cn=germano1" (germano1:636): Replication bind with SIMPLE auth resumed

In the destination node that has member of plugin enabled, we can't see any error log about this problem, maybe we would have to enable debug in errors log.

We have not seen high cpu load, memory or network problems, in the replica destination or source replica nodes. But we suspect that it is something related with a busy state of the memberof plugin, because we have daily scheduled tasks that run operations in groups with serveral thousands of users that can affect the other replica nodes that wants to replicate changes in the node that has the memberof plugin.

¿Could you help me with that issue? ¿Is it possible to enabling member of plugin in other supplier node? I think that it has to be enbled only in one supplier, but i has not found anything about in the 389 documentation. Any other suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance & Kind Regards.
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