Thursday, August 24, 2023

[389-users] Replication question

I've got two 389 multi-supplier replicated instances that I want to replicate to two new ones just temporarily for migration purposes. Since this is production, it would be ideal if it could be replicating right up to the second I make the new ones live. However, I simplified the configuration on the new one and now I'm wondering if this scheme will still work.

On the old one, I have two replicated DBs, one mapped to ou=b,dc=a,dc=arizona,dc=edu and the other mapped to dc=a,dc=arizona,dc=edu. On the new one, I decided to have just one replicated DB, mapped to dc=arizona, dc=edu. Is it possible to replicate the old ones to the new instance? I'm thinking no, but I had to ask.
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