Thursday, August 24, 2023

[fedora-arm] Re: Not finding RTC with a different spin?

> Once upon a time, Chris Adams <> said:
> > Ahh, this was indeed it. I switched /boot on the XFCE image to XFS and
> > it did indeed follow the config.txt entry for the RTC (so same as
> > removing the /boot/dtb symlink).
> Oh, but when I run the XFCE image (with ext4 /boot as shipped) and
> remove /boot/dtb... X just errors out with "no screens found". So I
> can't do that either, unless there's something to change in config.txt
> to match (or at least be close enough) to the kernel-provided device
> tree.

All the bits for screen enablement using upstream drivers should be
there by default. What else have you done to your config.txt? What
exactly is the revision of RPi?
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