Thursday, August 24, 2023

Re: Fedora Release Notes components locked / unavailable for translation

Le 2023-08-23 13:01, Rafael Fontenelle a écrit :
> Hi,
> Looks like the components for the
> "fedora-docs-l10n/fedora-release-notes" project are locked due to
> "Could not merge the repository." alert.
> Can some doc-l10n admin please take a look at it?
> The alert page (e.g.
> says (it is all quote from now on):

Hi, thanks for sharing this. When I access
I can see many similar errors in the category "Could not merge the
Would someone be interesting in learning how to fix this?
I'm sure I'll be able to fix a few of them, but it may make sense to
have regular cleanup of our translation platform.
I suggest we do a screenshare meeting, like what our friends from design
are doing:

Please respond here if you are interested to join, and on which timezone
your are.
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