Thursday, August 17, 2023

Re: Preliminary Fedora Workstation Live image with installer Web UI


Just tested it worked for me in a Virtualbox VM other then some
translations missing as i reported in the Anaconda Matrix, but the
installation process went smooth, also it identifies as F39 and F40
but you explained why:
so its all fine and looking forward to when the translation is Merged
fully for Beta or Final and hope this will come with Fedora 39 and not
be delayed until 40 as i helped pretty much with the Swedish
translation and with some of the testing

Den tors 17 aug. 2023 kl 18:04 skrev Martin Kolman <>:
> Hi!
> As the final switch of the Fedora Workstation Live image to using the new Anaconda Web UI by default[0] draws closer, we now have finally most of the building blocks in place & have created a test image, that should represent quite well how the actual Workstation Live image will look like after the switch:
> The installation flow is quite different from how it was on <=F38:
> - the image boots into a Gnome Initial Setup running in a minimal Gnome Shell session[1]
> - this GIS will ask the user to select language and keyboard, then provides an option to either install Fedora or try the Fedora desktop
> - if the Install option is selected, the Anaconda Web UI will be started
> - if the "try desktop" option is selected, the selected keyboard and language should be used for the desktop (on this image, only keyboard is used for some reason)
> - using the Web UI, the user can configure partitioning & Fedora will be installed on the target system afterwards
> - quitting the installer after successful installation will reboot the Live environment to the new system
> - then Gnome Initial setup will start again, as usual during regular Fedora Workstation installations
> - it will asks user to configure the remaining bits, like user, timezone or online accounts
> - it will also ask again for language & keyboard - this is a known issue in process of being fixed
> Some testing of this image will be much appreciated! :) Issues that are identified & fixed thanks to this can hopefully make the transition & overall F39 release into a smoother ride. :)
> Please fill any issues you spot into Bugzilla, under the regular Fedora product and anaconda component & mark you new bugs as blocking on bug 2231339.
> Bug 2231339[2] is the main tracking bug for the F39 WebUI effort & marking any relevant bugs as blocking on this bug will help us keep track of them.
> You can also check the bugs blocking the tracker bugs to see if your issue has perhaps been already reported.
> Thanks in advance & looking forward to your bug reports and general feedback. :)
> Best Wishes
> Martin Kolman
> [0]
> [1]
> [2]
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