Tuesday, October 10, 2023

[389-users] ACI - on OU services didn't match

Hello All,
I have added three ACI to authorize a group of permission to manage my Service OU like this:

# To modify attrubutes

dn: ou=services,dc=xxx,dc=yyy
aci: (targetattr="description || cn || memberOf || nsUniqueId || nsAccountLock")(targetfilter="(&(objectClass=nsAccount)(objectClass=nsMemberOf)(objectClass=netscapeServer))")(version 3.0; acl "Enable user modify to change services"; allow (write, read)(groupdn="ldap:///cn=service_modify,ou=permissions,dc=xxx,dc=yyy");)
# To permit password reset
dn: ou=services,dc=xxx,dc=yyy
aci: (targetattr="userPassword || nsAccountLock || userCertificate || nsSshPublicKey")(targetfilter="(&(objectClass=nsAccount)(objectClass=nsMemberOf)(objectClass=netscapeServer))")(version 3.0; acl "Enable service password reset"; allow (write, read)(groupdn="ldap:///cn=service_passwd_reset,ou=permissions,dc=xxx,dc=yyy");)
# to allow service account creation

dn: ou=services,dc=xxx,dc=yyy
aci: (targetattr="objectClass || description || nsUniqueId || cn || memberOf || nsAccountLock")(targetfilter="(&(objectClass=nsAccount)(objectClass=nsMemberOf)(objectClass=netscapeServer))")(version 3.0; acl "Enable service admin account create"; allow (write, add, delete, read)(groupdn="ldap:///cn=service_admin,ou=permissions,dc=xxx,dc=yyy");)

Then I have created those groups under the permission OU like this:

And I have addedd my administrator users on those group.

When testing to createt a service account using one of my adinistrator user th got this error:
"Error: 105 - 3 - 50 - Insufficient access - [] - Insufficient 'add' privilege to add the entry 'cn=test,ou=Services,dc=xxx,dc=yyy'.

If I andrestend cery well this message: the ACI didn't take effect on the service OU.
On my log files there no information, I tried th run my creation command on debbug modeand also the same output.

I need your help on this issue.

Best Regards
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