Friday, October 20, 2023

[fedora-arm] Fedora Linux 39 Final blocker status summary #3

Hi folks! We're still trying to get F39 done, so time for another
status update...

Action summary

Accepted blockers

1. kexec-tools - - VERIFIED: releng
to push the fix stable

2. mutter - - ASSIGNED: desktop
team (and adamwill) to keep trying to come up with a fix

3. shim - - NEW: assume this will
be waived

4. uboot-tools - - ASSIGNED: ARM
team (pbrobinson) to fix it

5. uboot-tools - - ASSIGNED: ARM
team to evaluate and fix if possible, ARM/QA to test on more systems if

6. distribution - - NEW: anyone at
all to come up with a genius fix, otherwise we'll likely have to
document this

Bug-by-bug detail

Accepted blockers

1. kexec-tools - - VERIFIED
kdump is enabled by default on desktops

This is basically fixed, just waiting to be pushed stable.

2. mutter - - ASSIGNED
Netinstall ISO renders a black screen when using kickstart install
(bare metal and VM)

Well, we kinda had a fix for this, but it turns out to break something
even worse (now anaconda isn't visible on the Workstation live image).
So we're still stuck trying to find a perfect fix, unfortunately.
Desktop team plus me to keep cranking away on it.

3. shim - - NEW
Live image made with BOOTX64.EFI from latest shim-x64-15.6-2 fails to
boot on some boards

Let's just assume this is gonna be waived.

4. uboot-tools - - ASSIGNED
Fedora-Workstation-39_Beta-1.1 boots to a black screen on Raspberry Pi

Peter says "So we've basically got to the bottom of the problem and
worked out the issue, I now just need to come up with a fix.", so
that's what we're waiting on.

5. uboot-tools - - ASSIGNED
Fedora Server 39 does not boot on Raspberry Pi 4 (RPi4) from microSD
card slot

This one's also waiting on ARM team (i.e. Peter), but seems somewhat
less clear-cut of a blocker, so we're kinda waiting for his take on
that, plus testing from other Raspberry Pi owners would be useful.

6. distribution - - NEW
dnf system-upgrade fails on some RPi4 due to system boot date that pre-
dates gpg key

We're still kinda kicking around ideas for "fixing" this, but I think
if push comes to shove, we'll wind up revoting or waiving it as not
practically fixable.
Adam Williamson (he/him/his)
Fedora QA
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