Thursday, November 16, 2023

[389-users] Re: Documentation as to how replication works

Hi there,

> I'm not really concerned at the moment with conflicting updates. I get why that's a problem and I generally understand the "+nsuniqueid" conflict resolution method. My problem is occurring without conflicting updates.

There are a few different classes of conflict. As you have correctly identified, nsuniqueid conflicts come about from entries with the same dn being added on two replicas at the same time - the time-order later add is conflicted.

What you are wondering about is attribute level conflicts. I'm not as well versed in the process for attribute level conflict handling, so I don't think I have a good answer here.

> On 17 Nov 2023, at 07:22, William Faulk <> wrote:
> Makes sense. I'll try to read some more documentation/source about the actual communication.
> Do you know how I can find mappings between CSNs and changes? Or even just how to see the changelog at all?

From the top of my head I don't know any: generally this is all "deep internal magic" and very hard to communicate at best. That's why there has been a lot of work from the team on the replication monitoring tools to help communicate here about what's going on.


William Brown

Senior Software Engineer,
Identity and Access Management
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