Wednesday, November 8, 2023

[fedora-arm] Re: Raspberry Pi 5 support - how to contribute?

Hi Daniel,

> I've recently - and somewhat surprisingly - already got my hands into a Raspberry Pi 5. I would like to contribute to make it supported , as the Pi4 is.

I'm still awaiting mine, apparently it's due "soon"

> I have extensive Fedora experience, but not with ARM, and how the whole ecosystem works. What would be useful to get started with a test image for the Pi5? Or if that's not yet possible, what information or resources can be of use to get to that points?

So TBH I'm not 100% sure what needs to be done as yet until my device arrives.

The biggest problem with the RPi5 is the new RP1 chip as a LOT of
things hang off that. Looking at the chip design [1] a lot of the
peripherals now hang off what is basically a PCIe-EP <-> AXI bridge.
Most of the rest of the peripheral IP appears to be off the shelf,
USB, Sound etc, and should just work once that first driver lands
upstream. I am not sure who is looking at that driver and if there are
any plans in place to push that upstream.

The graphics and other pieces are already headed upstream.

The other piece of the pie (pun intended) is the early boot process,
I'll look at that once I get a device. AFAICT that actually looks
quite similar to existing bits, but again it depends on how things
like mSD are placed on the system and what dependencies are needed.

Long story short most of the work required will be low level kernel
pieces, and while I've had a little look at patches I've not got a
full plan yet. Let me know what pieces you're interested in looking


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