Thursday, January 11, 2024

[389-users] Password storage scheme - choices

We've moving from DS 1.4 --> DS 2.1

With DS 1.4, we have our password hashing set to PBKDF2_SHA256. Our DS 2.1 defaults to PBKDF2-SHA512.

During the cutover phase, I want to set the 2.1 instances back to SHA256. We'd then advance the storage scheme to SHA512 when we were ready to sever our links to the past.

Through the cockpit-interface, I may choose among:

  • PBKDF2-SHA256
  • PBKDF2-SHA512
  • PBKDF2_SHA256

Are the two SHA256 choices the same? Is there some significance I'm missing in the "_" and the "-" characters?

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