Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Re: Setup Weblate for ibus-chewing


Thanks for the quick action!

On Wed, Feb 7, 2024, at 10:43 AM, Rafael Fontenelle wrote:

I created the project, set up the translation component and invited you as administrator:

It looks like there's a typo in the project name: missing a 'g' at the end.

Is it possible to fix it?


Em ter., 6 de fev. de 2024 21:06, Kan-Ru Chen <kanru@kanru.info> escreveu:
Hi all,

I'd like to setup the new translation platform for the ibus-chewing project. We have an github issue[1] opened for awhile but finally this project is under more active development, thus needs to update some strings.

Answer some questionnaire here mentioned in the issue:

> [mandatory] which branch is your development branch?

> [mandatory] have you merged latest translation from Zanata and locked the project?

I guess so. Zanata is already gone so I can't verify.

> [info] Weblate will handle updates when pot file changes, don't edit po files for this [2]
> [optional] what is the license of translation? (please use a code from https://spdx.org/licenses/)


> [optional] do you have any announcement/warning you would like to display to the translators? (it will be displayed in Weblate)


> [optional] do you need us to activate any specific checks? (this is a setting per component [3])


> [optional] do you need us to automatically detect new translation files? (typical usecase: website translation with one translation file per page)


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