Sunday, March 17, 2024

[fedora-arm] Details on Raspberry Pi 5 support timelines

Hi Folks,

I finally got some time over the weekend to dig into Fedora on the RPi5.

The TL;DR is that there won't be any way of even basic support
officially for F-40 GA.

For those interested in more details.....

The main pieces missing from the upstream kernel to boot to a login
prompt over serial is appear to be the following:
* The SoC pinctrl driver
* Support in the mmc storage driver for the SoC variant
* Minor bits for the gpio driver

I'm not aware of any efforts to get anything upstream, I've not seen
patches on lists etc.

We have the firmware (bcm/u-boot) pieces in place in Fedora 40 and the
kernel will start to boot and you get serial console output except you
end up at a dracut prompt due to lack of storage.

I am considering doing a Fedora kernel with patches in copr, and
probably a F-40 remix minimal image, to enable minimal boot so other
low level developers can use it as a basis for further investigation
for things like upstream development. I don't have a timeline for this
yet but I suspect late April. At the moment this looks like it'll be
mSD, WiFi, serial console support and not much else. I've not looked
at PCIe, the RP1 chip, or any other peripherals at all.

I'll reply to this thread if/when I have any further updates, feel
free to reference it elsewhere.

Until there's either a kernel or kernel+image unless you can
contribute to upstream kernel pieces there's probably nothing that can
be done like "testing". If you can do kernel and would like to assist
me feel free to reachout outside of this thread.

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