Sunday, March 10, 2024

[fedora-arm] Raspberri Pi Zero 2 W fails to boot Fedora 39


Booting Fedora 39 on Raspberri Pi Zero 2 W freezes after the line "Exiting boot services.."

I setup the card with arm-image-installer-4.1 like:

> sudo arm-image-installer --image=Fedora-Server-39-1.5.aarch64.raw.xz --media=/dev/sda --resizefs --relabel --showboot --sysrq --target=rpi02w

The options `--resizefs --relabel --showboot --sysrq` don't matter, I mean with or without them the system freezes at boot.

And this seems to be a regression because flashing Fedora-Server-37-1.7.aarch64.raw.xz does successfully boot the system /although I can't yet get the setup right to access it with no keyboard access to the device/

Is this a known issue and is there any way to fix that?

Thank you.
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