Wednesday, March 13, 2024

[Test-Announce] Re: Fedora 40 Candidate Beta-1.4 Available Now!

On Wed, 2024-03-13 at 19:26 +0000, wrote:
> According to [the schedule][1], Fedora 40 Candidate Beta-1.4 is now
> available for testing. Please help us complete all the validation
> testing! For more information on release validation testing, see:

Sorry for the flood of composes, folks. At this point we still have
open issues to address, including , so there's almost
certainly going to be a 1.5 at some point. Testing on pretty much any
of the composes so far is still welcome and useful and you can pretty
much assume if you hit something that looks like a significant bug in
any of them you should report it and propose it as a blocker if

We're going to reassess where we stand later tonight (US time) and then
tomorrow morning (again US time) to decide if there's any realistic
prospect of a go decision on Thursday, and run a new candidate if so.
Otherwise we may hold fire for a bit to let things settle and land some
Adam Williamson (he/him/his)
Fedora QA
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