Monday, March 18, 2024

[Test-Announce] Re: Fedora 40 Candidate Beta-1.8 Available Now!

On Tue, 2024-03-19 at 05:58 +0000, wrote:
> According to [the schedule][1], Fedora 40 Candidate Beta-1.8 is now
> available for testing. Please help us complete all the validation
> testing! For more information on release validation testing, see:
> Test coverage information for the current release can be seen at:
> You can see all results, find testing instructions and image download
> locations, and enter results on the Summary page:

Note on this: a 1.9 will be coming which should be identical to 1.8
except with Cinnamon and Budgie fixed (they were broken by the GNOME 46
FE in 1.8, and their images are missing). Testing on 1.8 is still
useful and can mostly be transferred to 1.9, but you might want to wait
6-7 hours for 1.9 to show up before starting testing.
Adam Williamson (he/him/his)
Fedora QA
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