Thursday, April 18, 2024

[389-users] One way supplier replication is failing on newly installed instance

I'm trying to get one-way replication going between a very old ( server and a newly built (2.5.0 B2024.017.0000) server.

- The initial one-way full replication works.
- Incremental updates from the old to the new work for a time and then start failing with these messages logged on the old server:

[18/Apr/2024:16:10:19.456632850 +0000] - WARN - NSMMReplicationPlugin - send_updates - agmt="cn=eds2prod-eds-ldap-63421-agreement" (eds-ldap-63421:389): Failed to send update operation to consumer (uniqueid 32245001-51c111ea-b1489889-5bf7d8fd, CSN 6620dbb5000400150000): Can't contact LDAP server. Will retry later.
[18/Apr/2024:16:10:19.458134915 +0000] - ERR - NSMMReplicationPlugin - release_replica - agmt="cn=eds2prod-eds-ldap-63421-agreement" (eds-ldap-63421:389): Unable to send endReplication extended operation (Can't contact LDAP server)
[18/Apr/2024:16:10:22.471856842 +0000] - INFO - NSMMReplicationPlugin - bind_and_check_pwp - agmt="cn=eds2prod-eds-ldap-63421-agreement" (eds-ldap-63421:389): Replication bind with SIMPLE auth resumed
[18/Apr/2024:16:20:22.661249153 +0000] - WARN - NSMMReplicationPlugin - repl5_inc_update_from_op_result - agmt="cn=eds2prod-eds-ldap-63421-agreement" (eds-ldap-63421:389): Consumer failed to replay change (uniqueid (null), CSN (null)): Can't contact LDAP server(-1). Will retry later.

- That set of errors repeats approximately every 2 hours. I'm assuming this has caused replication to halt and it will not resume until it gets passed whatever the issue is.

I was hoping that I could somehow get past this 2 hour retry by disabling and re-enabling the agreement but that seems to have no effect.

Any thoughts on how to attack this?

- Tim
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