Thursday, April 25, 2024

[fedora-arm] Issues with RPi4 and newer kernels

I have a couple of Raspberry Pi 4 systems running Fedora 39 (as headless
servers), but I'm now hitting kernel update issues with both of them.
I've opened RHBZs on both but haven't gotten any response (they're niche
issues on a somewhat niche platform, so probably not much attention). I
was wondering if anybody here might have any suggestions for working on
getting these fixed.

One issue started with kernel 6.7 on one Pi - about 30-60 seconds after
boot, it crashes back to a uboot screen (had to hook up a monitor to see
it). I have netconsole set up but it doesn't show anything. This Pi
has a GPS HAT set up with PPS for a time source... I suspect it may be
related to that? The boot-to-crash delay is probably around the time
that it takes for the GPS/PPS to start up after boot. Kernel 6.6.13
still works fine.

The other issue started with kernel 6.8 on another Pi - this one loses
the ability to connect to a WPA3-PSK wifi network. It can still connect
to a WPA2-PSK network, and kernel 6.7 can connect to WPA3-PSK. I have
other (x86_64) Fedora systems that can connect to the WPA3-PSK network
with kernel 6.8.
Chris Adams <>
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