Monday, April 8, 2024

[fedora-arm] Re: Fedora on ROCK 5 Model B

On 3/30/24 04:46, Peter Robinson wrote:
>> I had to overcome two problems:
>> - My keyboard behind a USB switch would not work in UEFI, I had to
>> directly connect it. In Fedora it would work again behind the switch.
> By UEFI do you mean the EDK2 builds?
>> - The ACPI/DTB setting needed to be set on "ACPI". "DTB" or "Both" would
>> not work for me.
> That's in the EDK2 menu? In both cases if it's EDK2 you should look at
> the bug reports for that project and maybe file bugs there.

I am sure that the "keyboard behind the USB switch" issue is purely an
EDK2 issue,
but I'm not equally sure that Fedora 40 Beta not booting unless ACPI/DTB
is set to "ACPI" is an EDK2 issue.
Or whether it is an issue at all, and that the ACPI setting is just the
appropriate setting.
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