Monday, April 29, 2024

[fedora-arm] Re: Issues with RPi4 and newer kernels


> I have a couple of Raspberry Pi 4 systems running Fedora 39 (as headless
> servers), but I'm now hitting kernel update issues with both of them.
> I've opened RHBZs on both but haven't gotten any response (they're niche
> issues on a somewhat niche platform, so probably not much attention). I
> was wondering if anybody here might have any suggestions for working on
> getting these fixed.
> One issue started with kernel 6.7 on one Pi - about 30-60 seconds after
> boot, it crashes back to a uboot screen (had to hook up a monitor to see
> it). I have netconsole set up but it doesn't show anything. This Pi
> has a GPS HAT set up with PPS for a time source... I suspect it may be
> related to that? The boot-to-crash delay is probably around the time
> that it takes for the GPS/PPS to start up after boot. Kernel 6.6.13
> still works fine.
> The other issue started with kernel 6.8 on another Pi - this one loses
> the ability to connect to a WPA3-PSK wifi network. It can still connect
> to a WPA2-PSK network, and kernel 6.7 can connect to WPA3-PSK. I have
> other (x86_64) Fedora systems that can connect to the WPA3-PSK network
> with kernel 6.8.

I replied on both of those bugs. While I maintain various pieces of
arm kernel I don't follow all kernel bugs as I don't have the
bandwidth so it's useful to ping here as you've done for awareness to

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