Friday, May 31, 2024

[fedora-arm] Raspberry Pi 4 issues with Fedora Rawhide

Hi all,

I am writing this email to raise awareness well ahead of the F41 branching
on August 6 about the bugs I found while running Fedora Rawhide on the RPi 4.
I have proposed these bugs as blockers for the F41 release:

* gnome-initial-setup: Choosing avatar results in SetIconFile call failed for
unknown reason [0]
I proposed this as F41 Final blocker, but this is fairly minor bug and I can
imagine that we would waive it if not fixed and create a common issue.

* gsk: vulkan renderer breaks gtk4 apps on Raspberry Pi 4 and 400 [1]
GSK now defaults to vulkan and it causes problems on RPi, I initially
encountered crashing gnome-initial-setup (and later that all GTK4 apps are
crashing upon startup). Thus I proposed it as a F41 Beta blocker. This
crashing on app startup will be resolved in the next GTK release, the fix is
already merged.
However, there are still issues with GTK4 apps [2], all related to vulkan
renderer [3] [4] [5]. It is not yet clear if the problems are bugs in GTK or
mesa. In the end, if proven difficult to fix, we could always switch back to
older renderer as suggested by Adam during F40 cycle [6].

* Raspberry Pi 4 won't wake up from suspend [7]
Although we don't have a criterion for suspend, I proposed this as a blocker
bug. I cannot login every time I keep Raspberry Pi idling for 15 minutes and
I have to restart it, this could also lead to loss of data. This is something
different compared to the x86_64 situation. On x86_64 we probably wouldn't
block on suspend on some particular hardware configuration, but I think we
should block here since we support only a handful of ARM boards.
Also, suspend on Raspberry Pi OS is disabled, so I'm not sure if suspend on
Raspberry Pi is something we even want in Fedora.




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