Wednesday, May 22, 2024

[Test-Announce] [Rawhide Test Day] Podman 5.1 Test Day 2024-05-23

Hey Folks!

We will be testing Fedora 41 with the new update in Podman 5.1.
To ensure a smooth transition, the Podman team and the Quality team of
Fedora have decided to host a test day[1]. The idea is for users to
test Podman 5.1 on a Fedora Rawhide machine and submit results in the
Test Day App[2].
If you have spare cycles or use Podman as a daily driver, it will be
great to have some folks try out and report bugs right away.
We will want more Karmas on[3] and any following builds for Podman 5.1

Fedora QE
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