Saturday, June 8, 2024

[389-users] Re: advice on 389 in production

My apologies for the delay but thank you AI and William, this is great info, I appreciate it.

I'm having good success building a Docker image using the 4teamwork github repo!  I'm presenting Monday to the team but I think it will be an easy sell as at least in testing it's working well:


On Thu, Jun 6, 2024, at 14:18, Ivanov Andrey (M.) wrote:
Hi Morgan,

in our case we have ~60 000 entries,  ~10 000 accounts and ~5 000 large groups (some containing  almost all users). Three 389ds in active-active replication, extremely stable, performant, no problems at all. We are using RHEL 9 clones (Oracle Linux or Alma Linux), latest OS patches (9.4 i think). 389ds version 2.5 compiling from git branch (i think the latest one is 2.5.1, maybe it is available as rpm). No complaints at all :)



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> Hello Everyone,

> What operating system and 389 version is everyone running in production?  We are
> finally updating our CentOS 7 servers in earnest.

> We have almost 200,000 users and use 389 for our central ldap so stability is
> preferred over features.

> Based on release dates I'm leaning toward version 2.x.

> I've sent the afternoon trying to find packages for Rocky Linux 9 with limited
> success.

> We switched to Ubuntu a few years ago so that would be my preference but I don't
> see packages for ubuntu and I'd prefer to now maintain my own packages.

> Is Docker a viable option for a production install?  I see there is an up to
> date image which I've been able to start but it appears to be 3.x (see above
> re: preferred production version).

> Thanks,

> -morgan
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