Wednesday, June 5, 2024

[Test-Announce] [Rawhide Test Week] DNF 5.2 2024-06-05 through 2024-06-11

Hey Folks,

Many of you by now know that in Fedora, we try to open up more
opportunities to test upcoming features which are currently being
developed. This time DNF team is working closely with Fedora QA to run
the DNF 5.2 test week[0].

As a part of this test week, we will be specifically testing the
system-upgrade feature. Previously, DNF would leverage DNF plug-ins to
do system upgrade. This is now baked into DNF 5.2 and this test week
will focus on testing that feature.

Needless to say, we will also be testing the regular DNF features. You
can always go ahead and submit the results here[1].

Fedora QE
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