Monday, July 8, 2024

[Test-Announce]FreeIPA HSM Test Day 2024-07-09 through 2024-07-11

Hey All,

We invite you to participate in the FreeIPA HSM Test Day from July 9th
to July 11th, 2024.
Your involvement will help test FreeIPA's security features through
Hardware Security Module (HSM) integration.
During the event, you will be guided through various test cases to
evaluate FreeIPA's functionality with HSM, and your feedback will be
crucial in identifying and addressing potential bugs and improvements.

This is a great opportunity to collaborate with the Fedora community,
gain hands-on experience with HSM, and make a significant impact on
FreeIPA's development. For more information, please visit the test day
wiki[0] which has information on what's happening. You can submit your
results on our results app[1]. Familiarity with IPA/IDM systems is
recommended to make the most out of this test day.


Fedora QE

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