Wednesday, June 11, 2014

[389-users] ldap_mod_del - replication issue when removing attribute

Overview of our setup
- Our webservers use the PHP plugin "ldap_mod_del" to execute ldap changes.
- Our 389 servers are master-master
- We are attempting to delete the displayName attribute from a user

Run from webserver in PHP:
- When performing a modify, everything works. changes are replicated
to other masters.
- When performing a delete, the delete is successful, yet the change
is not replicated to the other master.

Run from 389 Console and using "ldapmodify" on cmd line:
- Modify - works
- Delete - works

Although I feel the ldap_mod_del plugin may have something to do with
it, replication is replication. In this case the simple replication is
not functioning when a node sees new data.

Any ideas?
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