Monday, June 30, 2014

Re: [389-users] sub-suffix help

(2014年06月30日 15:56), Stephen Harris wrote:

Hi folks.


I am building a new 389 DS to replace an openldap directory.


The root dn is known as o=producer ( actually is something else but has been this for the last 10 yrs through 2 previous upgrades and I do not want to change it to o=producers,o=co,o=nz)


So what I want to achieve is to create a sub suffix, ou=webusers,o=producers and ou=staff,o=producers


The idea being the users in webusers will be searched for a web application and the staff users remain unsearched to the outside world.


I can make my sub suffixes no problem in the configuration tab of the 389-console.


But that gives me a blank database, how do I get to the next step of being able to create groups and people inside of this and manipulate this in the directory tab?

Have you initialized your sub suffixes with a sub suffix ldif like this?

dn: ou=webusers,o=producers
objectClass: top
objectClass: organizationalunit
ou: webusers

For database initialization, please see this page:


Or is there some other way of doing this that I am not seeing?


Sorry if this is a dumb question, but it seems to be lacking in any documentation anywhere.


Best Regards




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