Monday, July 7, 2014

Re: [board] #8: Fedora Gear Store

Hi Spot, and everyone

I'd like to answer to your question, that "why are our existing
approved merch vendors are insufficient".
Here is some ideas, and problems that we are facing:

- There is no chance to approve team designs, or make activity around
it (contests that makes the people around it, therefore no interest to
have it -> weak marketing)
- Brandfuel is only for US, and purchasing it is way too expensive,
and no choice in their shop (buttons, and cap was only - but as I see
these are not available anymore)
- The FR group spreadshirt store is insanely expensive
- We need more approved shops per region, companies who are selling
and cooperating with open source communities
- Perhaps this can indicate software wider supports as we gain more contributors
- How cool would it be that say - in Fedora.Next Fedora community
makes it available by through other companies in one common store, in
placeholder page to provide for the community more stuff, like
electronics - that inducates eg. more developer, contributor for the
ARM project, for the cloud, or server group. Fedora allows to
advertise for eg. adafruit, arduino, raspberry to sell his products
that fedora supports - they also get interest to have their product
available for this community, and RH also receives contributors -
maybe a win-win situation available here

- I think it would be great also to have this website as common place
for our flyers, and other printed stuff, because at least every
marketing stuff would be in one place. Making virtually event packs,
would be an awesome solution. So all in all - RH has to approve and
select carefully per region not only Tshirt companies, else press
companies, and possibly electronics.


2014-07-07 16:34 GMT+02:00 Tom Callaway <>:
> On 07/07/2014 10:21 AM, Matthew Miller wrote:
>> On Fri, Jul 04, 2014 at 11:27:41AM +0200, Zoltan Hoppar wrote:
>>> Company is called - and I have given out the owner
>>> introduction to Jaroslav already, and Jiri Eismann has received an
>>> tshirt sample if my memory serves well (yet there wasn't any feedback
>>> from him). The site can accept tons of payment options, and the
>>> already operating with many open source communities
>>> (Mint, Debian, local Unix HULUG, and many more). Gabor also offered 2
>> Ruth, Spot -- can you check if this is even a legal/business option (in
>> addition to the mentioned Brand Fuel and Staples)?
> We _can_... but I'd bet the answer comes back of "why are our existing
> approved merch vendors insufficient".
> ~tom
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