Monday, July 7, 2014

Re: [board] #8: Fedora Gear Store

Am Donnerstag, den 03.07.2014, 22:16 -0400 schrieb Ruth Suehle:
> Tom and I have talked to the relevant Red Hat people over the last few
> months. (In the past, we've been told that this simply wasn't an
> option because we couldn't take in money, and even selling it at cost
> wasn't OK.) The good news is all we have to do now is pick a vendor,
> which in Red Hat options pretty much means Staples or Brand Fuel.

Hi Ruth,
hi Spot,

this is indeed good news. Thanks for all your hard work!

Given that we have been fighting for a gear store for ages, I am
surprised (to say the least) about this outcome. Can you please shed
some more light on this?

I mean, we were told there were legal problems, requirements from the
logo usage and trademark guidelines, and lengthy phone calls with Pam
and other people from the legal department. And now all over sudden all
this no longer plays a role?

I'm pretty sure it was not "all over sudden", but somebody has been
working on this pretty hard. I'd like know more about thus and to say
"thank you" to this person(s).

Best regards,

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