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Re: [board] #8: Fedora Gear Store

nullOn 07/07/2014 12:37 PM, Zoltan Hoppar wrote:
> Hi Spot, and everyone
> I'd like to answer to your question, that "why are our existing
> approved merch vendors are insufficient".
> Here is some ideas, and problems that we are facing:
> - There is no chance to approve team designs, or make activity around
> it (contests that makes the people around it, therefore no interest to
> have it -> weak marketing)

Well, this isn't really store dependent. Red Hat (aka, me and Ruth) are
going to have to sign off on anything before it gets sold by any vendor,
so the process for the community to "crowd source" designs isn't
dependent on any vendor.

Basically, if Fedora wants to run contests to come up with designs, they
can do so, as long as they understand that Red Hat may modify/veto any
designs. (Think LEGO and CUUSOO for an analogous process:

> - Brandfuel is only for US, and purchasing it is way too expensive,
> and no choice in their shop (buttons, and cap was only - but as I see
> these are not available anymore)

Brand Fuel is no longer producing Red Hat (or Fedora) swag, Red Hat has
moved to Staples for their branded offerings, and we have the ability to
choose our vendor. Brand Fuel and Staples are still both in the Red Hat
supplier system, meaning that we do not need to have them approved by
Red Hat Finance to use them.

> - We need more approved shops per region, companies who are selling
> and cooperating with open source communities

We want to support our international community as best as we can, while
balancing out the minimal number of vendors involved. We want the
materials that we offer to be as consistent as possible worldwide (and
our trademark protection requires a consistent quality standard).

I'm not sure offhand where (internationally) Staples can deliver
promotional materials to right now, we'll have to investigate this further.

> - How cool would it be that say - in Fedora.Next Fedora community
> makes it available by through other companies in one common store, in
> placeholder page to provide for the community more stuff, like
> electronics - that inducates eg. more developer, contributor for the
> ARM project, for the cloud, or server group. Fedora allows to
> advertise for eg. adafruit, arduino, raspberry to sell his products
> that fedora supports - they also get interest to have their product
> available for this community, and RH also receives contributors -
> maybe a win-win situation available here

I think we should start with the branded merchandise first and let Red
Hat Finance be comfortable with that before we discuss anything additional.

> - I think it would be great also to have this website as common place
> for our flyers, and other printed stuff, because at least every
> marketing stuff would be in one place. Making virtually event packs,
> would be an awesome solution. So all in all - RH has to approve and
> select carefully per region not only Tshirt companies, else press
> companies, and possibly electronics.

This may be possible, we'll have to see. Staples has a pretty large
catalog of stuff that you can slap a logo on.


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