Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Re: [fedora-arm] 3.15 Fedora ARM kernel status

>> Hi All,
>> For those that are interested I did an update for the 3.15 kernel
>> which should be on it's way to Fedora 20 shortly.
>> The equivalent patch set from 3.14 for the BBones is there plus
>> initial support for Utilite. I'd love some feedback on both, I'll be
>> evolving the later as I get time.
> Do you have any instructions on how to get things going on the utilite ?
> It's been sitting uselessly in my basement for almost a year now so it would
> be great to get started with it.

Not yet but I do plan to re-do my install in the next week or so and
blog about it as a easy to find reference.

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