Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Re: topics for monday's IRC meeting

On Tue, Jul 01, 2014 at 04:44:35AM -0400, Marcela Maslanova wrote:
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> > Subject: Re: topics for monday's IRC meeting
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> > FPC doesn't seem to be having many problems -- Week before last we ran
> > through the entire list of agenda items.
> >
> > SCLs are moving very slowly. But that's due to the nature of SCLs (they're
> > very complex, difficult, and apt to confuse packagers with their opaque
> > differences from normal packaging) and the TZ difference with the teams
> > working on SCLs (which means we can't iterate quickly over changes to the
> > draft.)
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> > -Toshio
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> Time difference can be solved by email discussion on mailing list, which I proposed months ago and didn't happened.

Right, because postal chess is so very enjoyable.

Speaking frankly, waking up mornings to find that there's three or four
confrontational emails from SCL team members saying how the FPC decisions
are stupid and that the SCL team hates the changes and don't want to comply
just makes me want to give up on SCLs ever being in Fedora. Unfortunately,
there's no one else who's willing to put in the time to resolve the problems
with SCLs so I have had to stick with it.

I'll meet people on IRC where we can have a discussion that lasts until the
particular issue is resolved but going back and forth with one email per day
and no change in attitudes i the opposite of helpful.

> Also you have Remi among FPC members who can explain you everything needed. I read logs, he tried...
Yes, and I think that everything that Remi and I have discussed on IRC has
become clear. Remi has been invaluable at the specific problems that we've
identified and talked about.


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