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Re: Transifex has become proprietary

Hello everyone,

I am Coordinator of the Brazilian Portuguese Translators Team ( and would like to leave my opinion:

1) The Transifex is a tool, such as yum, NetworkManager and many others that we use every day, the Transifex has helped us do our job, but it is only a tool and I don't see a problem to change for any other tool supported by Fedora, the most important thing is we keep our principles 4 F ' s.

2) Today we have a process for new translators extremely broken and manual, very different from other teams, I'm part of Packager team where process is very clear and integrated with Fedora infra. A new translator need to follow these steps to be approved: _ a_Fedora_Translator, we can realize there is no integration of Transifex with our FAS, Mailing list, Badges and especially with our Wiki, I think it's more relevant to the translation teams these issues than the interface.

Our work has been hard and every day to make our Brazilian team more productive, less than 60 days ago were the 15 team, today are the 8 team more productive in Transifex, but how do we translate our wiki? Today we have procedures, manuals contained information only on the Wiki, then we must divide our effort on two tools: Wiki and Transifex, we've worked with two tools that do not integrate.
I value the principles of Fedora and I believe in open source as many of my teammates believe, I have no problem in moving, because currently we need change to solve the problems that we have, every change that represents a small improvement will be very welcome.

Best regards.


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> > >      What are they?
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> > >    I haven't spent a lot of time looking up alternatives but I am
> > > aware of the following:
> > >
> > > developed by Red Hat
> > >
> > >    Translatewiki which is apparently what MediaGoblin is considering
> > >
> > >
> >
> > For the record, I support the move away from Transifex and will relay
> > the sad news to the projects where I have before advice for it.
> >
> > The question is of course moving to what? That's something I cannot
> > advice on atm.
> Yeah. There's also some more mentioned in the above mediagoblin ticket.
> Would someone care to look at them all and provide some summary about
> each and how well they might work for our needs?

Copying the trans list since they probably have some good input about their needs :) (And nothing on this topic in their archives, not sure how much overlap between these two lists.)

For the translations team's reference - is the original mail Rahul posted on the subject.


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